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Google Maps allows users to provide feedback on businesses - as some have for Barclays

Following the lead of this campaign from Stop the Money Pipeline, some people outraged by the way Barclays is driving the climate crisis have adopted a novel way to alert customers and staff to what goes on behind the bank's greenwash - by adding Google reviews for Barclays banks and ATMs, which can then be seen by Google Maps users, and very likely read by bank employees. Other internet users can 'like' these reviews to give them more prominence in the list. To see how this develops, the map below provides a daily snapshot of which UK Barclays locations have negative reviews relating to its funding of fossil fuels or other environmentally-destructive activities, using these symbols:

— no reviews detected

— 1 or more reviews detected

If you'd like to see the reviews for one of the places on the map, hover your mouse over it (or tap it, on touchscreen devices) to see details and a link - or search for a place in the table found below the map.

If you'd like more of these reviews to be seen, you can add a review of your own, or 'like' an existing review, or both. Watch this video to see how, or follow the instructions here. You can use a link from the map or table below to go straight to the Google Maps page for the Barclays location, where you can click on 'reviews' (if using phone/tablet, you may need to swipe up to see this) to see existing reviews or add your own. Here are some tips for the reviews:

  • Maybe read some of the reviews featured here for inspiration (easiest to find using the table below the map on this page)
  • Don't copy-paste the same review to lots of places - this is likely to lead to automatic removal of the reviews (as spam-like, as well as a probable breach of the Terms of Service)
  • Make it clear you're not criticing branch staff, but Barclays senior management
  • Try to include some terms that make it easier for the map-update process to identify the review, e.g. 'fossil fuels', 'global warming', 'climate crisis', 'sharklays', 'ecocide'
  • For specifics about what Barclays is doing, try the Facts page
  • You could suggest people google 'sharklays' for more info (careful not to spell it 'sharkleys'). Probably best to avoid typing in the site address, in case of filters that remove links.
  • As well as telling the reader (say) how Barclays is driving the climate crisis, it makes sense to include a call-to-action, i.e. suggesting they change their bank if they're a Barclays customer
  • As well as writing the review itself, you can select how many stars to give - make it 1, not 5!
  • Don't review too many places - Google has Terms of Service that quite reasonably mandate only reviews of places you have actually visited, so dozens of reviews from the same person may cause them all to be removed. You can 'like' as many as you want, though.
  • Once you've submitted the review, if you have time, do send us a link to it - see "Send us your review!" below - in case the map update doesn't receive details of it from Google

If you've left a Google review for a Barclays location, or you've seen an existing review that you think deserves more attention, you can use its 'share' option to send us a link straight to that review, so we can feature it in the map and table below.

  • Open the Barclays location in Google Maps, e.g. by clicking on the link for it from the map icon or table below
  • Click on 'Reviews' (if using phone/tablet, you may need to swipe up to see this)
  • Find the review you want to send
  • If you haven't already, click the 'like' icon for the review, to help make it more visible:
  • Click the share icon for the review:
  • Click on 'copy link' (if computer/laptop), or slide across the list of sharing options and click 'copy to clipboard' (if phone/tablet)
  • Paste the sharing link in the box below, and press the 'Send' button

Paste the share link here, and press 'Send':

You can use the table below to search for a Barclays location. Click the column headers to sort the table so as to see (say) all the locations with featured reviews (in the '☆' column) first.