Protests against Barclays are widespread

Outrage at Barclays' devastating effect on the environment can be easy to underestimate, since protests against the bank are often only reported locally. The photos above are from just some of the protests in recent years - by Extinction Rebellion, Greenpeace , Market Forces, People & Planet, Christian Climate Action, Fossil Free London etc. (click a photo for details.) The map below shows protest locations. To see details of a protest, hover your mouse over the Sharklays icon (or tap it, on touchscreen devices) for information and a link to photos of the event. You can also search this list. If you know of a protest not shown here, you can send in details using this form.

If these protesters inspire you to take action, get in touch with one of the groups to join in their protests or with help organising your own - or contact us for help in reaching them.

If you're not in a position to get involved in protesting, see if you can add a review for a branch that doesn't currently have one.

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