Pressure mounts on Barclays as protests multiply

In the space of a week, 5 different Barclays branches spread across the UK have been subject to Extinction Rebellion protest actions, raising public awareness of the bank's funding of fossil fuels, so that customers and investors will move their money elsewhere, bringing more pressure on Barclays to stop financing climate disaster. At branches in Balham, Clapham Junction, Kendal, St. Albans and Bristol, activists highlighted the bank's profit-before-planet principles by engaging with customers and passers-by, as well as via local newspaper coverage. Whether with mock 'crime scenes' illustrating its ecocidal investment practices, or by sending cleaning crew to the "dirty bank" funnelling more into fossil fuels than any other in Europe, Barclays was thoroughly and visibly pilloried. With Extinction Rebellion's 2020 UK September rebellion ahead, the bank may anticipate more such interventions and subsequent reputational damage.




St. Albans