#BarcLIES action week

Protests planned around the country - will you be there?

Barclays’ revised climate plans make little difference to its role in accelerating environmental disaster (more about that here). So, in the week of the bank’s AGM, from April 30th to May 6th, activists around the country are planning protests outside their local Barclays branch – as well as online actions – as part of a #BarcLIES campaign. Want to add your voice to theirs?

  • Read the #BarcLIES Action Plan here
  • If you don’t already know some like-minded local activists, check if there’s been a protest near you and contact the group concerned
  • Decide what kind of action(s) you’d like to take – you might draw inspiration from the photos here
  • If you’re planning a protest outside a branch, register it with the form below so the #BarcLIES team can get in touch and help promote it
  • If nothing else, find a Barclays branch that doesn’t have a climate review , and add one!